A Tea For Every Morning: Which Tea is Right For Your Daily Routine?

Morning Teas

Good teas are both delicious and potently practical. Just as teas can be paired with foods to create an elevated experience, so too can teas be paired with daily activities.

Soft, delicate oolongs set the stage for quiet, reflective mornings; vibrant reds play support on busy, fast-paced days. Read on to see which teas best match your daily morning routine.

With the morning run or workout: Spring Spiral Green

Spring Spiral Green is warm, fresh, and deeply nourishing, a natural fit after morning exercise. Green tea contains relatively high amounts of antioxidants and caffeine, providing a wholesome boost of energy. 

When brewed strong, Spring Spiral Green takes on a full, luscious texture that, together with its notes of puffed rice, is reminiscent of warm oatmeal. Drink with a light but wholesome breakfast. The processing style of Taiwanese green teas also makes them mellow enough to drink in moderation during intermittent fasting. 

For quiet meditation: Sky High Oolong

In a state of heightened awareness, oolongs with rich, developed flavors and explosive bouquets can become overbearing. This is where Sky High Oolong shines, with its elegant restraint. Pure, delicate notes of spring water, magnolia, and sugarcane allow for gentle, blissful stimulation without disruption.

It is said that teas reflect the energy of the gardens in which they are grown, and Sky High certainly seems to echo the pristine, transcendent spirit of Taiwan’s high mountain peaks. 

To jumpstart a productive, focused morning: Starlight White

With a crisp, stimulating profile, a cup of Starlight White can help get things done without the jitters of coffee. White teas often have high amounts of both caffeine and L-theanine, compounds that work together to produce a calm, measured focus that lasts for hours. 

For hectic mornings spent on-the-go: Honeysuckle Black

The weekday hustle calls for a satisfyingly bold, caffeinated brew — preferably with minimal effort. Honeysuckle Black fits the bill. This high-quality tea is forgiving to brew, maintaining its sweet, balanced character even with an extra minute or five in the infuser. Notes of cocoa, plum, and honey make this an especially delicious treat to start a busy day.

With a slow weekend brunch: Scarlet Honey Oolong

Scarlet Honey Oolong is the tea of choice for moments of la dolce vita. Complex, flavor-forward, and endlessly fascinating, it offers a juicy vibrancy that can rival mimosas at the brunch table, while being bold enough to stand up to most breakfast fare. 

Notes of summer fruit, luscious honey, and wood wisps make for a lovable and suitably delicious accompaniment to a great meal shared with friends. 

With a book on cozy mornings: Iron Goddess

Warm, toasty, and nostalgic, Iron Goddess is the perfect companion for a lazy morning spent indoors. This classic Taiwanese favorite is roasted over the course of multiple days. This caramelizes the natural sugars in the leaves, resulting in a deliciously smoky-sweet flavor with notes of apricot and toasted nuts.

The depth and intensity of Iron Goddess allows for an almost intoxicating quality when sipped slowly. 

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