Brew Packs

Professional picked tea packs for the adventurous individual. Our Brew packs offer a round-the-island trip without ever having to set foot on Taiwan soil.

Brew Pack Benefits

Experience the Dachi Collection
Experience a full range of flavors from the Dachi Tea Co. collection, all professionally curated to bring variety and excitement to your palate.
Exclusive Community & Offers
A warm cup of community comes with each Brew Pack purchase. We’ll include you on a special list for exclusive offers and content.
Savings in Your Pocket.
Save 10% or more when buying a Brew Pack versus each tea as an indiviudal purchase. With 4 distinct teas delivered to your door at once, indulge as the mood hits you.

Taiwan Devotee

Our best-selling collection. Taiwan Devotee is an exploration in taste and terroir, with a variety of flavor profiles to suit any time of day or occasion. Experience the full spectrum of Taiwan’s diverse and delicious teas, from delicate high mountain oolong to lusciously sweet black tea.

Brew packs offer the best tasting experience of our entire collection. Give yourself the treat of preparing for days of indulgence and relaxation by having 4 premium tea’s delivered right to your pantry.

Fresh Brews

A collection of vibrant, effervescent teas, bursting with crisp, refreshing flavor. Refreshing Brews captures the abundance of Taiwan’s spring harvest, offering teas with delightfully fresh and juicy characteristics. These teas exhibit a natural sweetness from the excellence of their processing, with delicious notes of stonefruit and fresh garden vegetables. White, green, and lighter oolong teas contain higher amounts of caffeine and are ideal for early morning sipping and for a midday boost of energy.

Brew packs bring an enviroment of reflection and clarity into your home and mind. Each 4 distinct pairings will prepare you for either a strong morning focus, or a limpid and reflectional afternoon.

Sophisticated Sips

A collection that holds nothing back on flavor, with some of Taiwan’s most complex, luxuriant teas. Sophisticated Sips offers a look into Taiwan’s darkly oxidized selections, often overlooked in the broader tea market. These teas exhibit rich, developed flavors with surprising depth and sweetness, somewhat reminiscent of New World red wines, and serve as ideal teas for thoughtful sipping or when paired with heavy dishes like meats and rich pastries.

Get centered, stay balanced.

Brew Packs are the perfect way to experience a healthy range of our collection and take advantage of additional discounts.

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Give the gift of relaxation and clarity through clean and crisp taste with our professionally curated Brew Packs.

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Delivering your tea with minimal impact, Dachi Tea Co. offers specifically green shipping options.