wang a-su - Tea Maker

"In the past, every farmer -- no matter what you were planting -- was just a farmer. with black tea, there's a big space. There's a stage." -- A-su Ask anyone in Yuchi Township to recommend a local guide and they’re likely to point to A-su, a quirky, effervescent artist turned teamaker. After twenty years of teaching arts and culture with her husband, A-su began experimenting with tea in 2009. Several teamaking awards later, A-su’s success has only increased her charm and vibrant passion for life.

ray rui-ting chien - Tea Maker

Mother-and-son team Chiu-lin and Ray make a rare, beautiful partnership, as most children of teamaking families abandon the tradition. Ray, born in 1991, is young by industry standards, but he has picked up plenty of wisdom from his mother. Chiu-lin's knowledge placed her among a small group of teamasters chosen by the government to develop Taitung's now-famous red oolong.

lee mou-chuan - Tea Maker

Tea is a household affair for the Lee Family. Mr. Lee is a third-generation teamaker, while his wife, Shu-ching, shares their tea and vision with customers. Their son, You-sheng, brings a youthful energy to their craft, and loves to experiment with new varietals. He is now passing on that love for tea to his first born son: and so the family tradition continues.

huang yuan-cheng - Tea Maker

Sometimes home is best. Mr. Huang grew up on his family’s fruit plantation in Lishan, but left to study engineering in the city. It was only after marrying his wife Yu-shu that he decided to move back to Lishan to start a family so their children could grow up with nature's beauty firsthand. Mr. Huang has since transformed his father’s produce farms into tea fields, and hopes his children might take over someday.

yeh chun-liang - Tea Maker

"I was more frivolous and wayward in my youth, but making tea taught me to be responsible, patient and measured.' — Mr. Yeh Mr. Yeh's roots in Meishan run deep. His family has been there for three generations, and he has an intimate knowledge and love for the land that only decades can bestow. Mr. Yeh insists on living by his own rules, and his confident, masterfully-made teas demonstrate as much. He tells us that the only person whom he trusts for advice is his wife.

weng wan - Tea Maker

'Working as a farmer out in nature is less stressful than a city job. If you do work hard and work honestly, you’ll see the results in your tea.' — Mr. Weng Mr. Weng leads a liberating life of self-sustenance, on a plot of land that's been passed down to him through five generations of ancestors. He believes that properly taking care of that land is a means for expressing gratitude, so it's no surprise that his tea field is renowned for being one of the most well-kept in the region, nourished by pure spring water and clean soil.

tim lan - Tea Maker

'Finding the perfect tea leaves is an adventure, drinking tea is bliss, but for one to make great tea, that is the most gratifying part of it all.' — Tim Lan From a young age, Tim Lan had the makings of a world-class teamaker. His mother, a veteran of the tea industry, noticed he had a knack for identifying good tea. That innate talent, combined with more than 30 years of experience now, allows Tim to create compelling teas that push the boundaries of tradition and terroir.

joseph chang - Tea Maker

After serving a five-year apprenticeship under his father, Josef Chang is the newly minted face of the family’s tea-making outfit. Previously, Josef worked as a trader and tea taster, but after receiving one too many last-minute calls from his father telling him to drop everything in the city and drive six hours up the mountains, he made the transition to producing tea instead. He hasn’t looked back since.