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With boots on the ground in Taiwan as well as a US based team handling your order and special requests, Dachi Tea Co. is on a mission to help you get centered through the ritual of drinking good tea.

Our Stories

Armed with their textbook Chinese in Spring 2014, British and American friends Simon Thomas and Nicholas Palumbo hired a 4×4 set off on an adventure to some of the remotest reaches of the Taiwan to get the good stuff, just as it was coming down from the hill.

What started as a simple desire to purchase the island’s finest tea for an affordable price turned into a project to curate a collection of 4 high mountain oolongs to share with friends and family. Today, we’re a brand with 18 teas and repeat customers in 18 countries.

In Spring 2017 we launched our new platform, offering free 2-day shipping to our US customers as part of our goal to make exquisite and authentic tea as accessible and readily available as fine wine or artisanal coffee.

Crafted loose-leaf tea is the perfect embodiment of the intimate interplay between man and nature, and at least one cup of tea should be a mainstay in your daily schedule. Great for beginners and connoisseurs alike, our collection makes it easy.

Beyond helping the world get centred and achieving balance through the ritual of drinking good tea, we hope to chart a path to creating a brand that embraces radical transparency, giving, and sustainability.

We believe that these are the essential elements for creating a supply chain that’s as human as possible, and also for creating meaningful experiences on top of quality products.

Meet the Makers

We don't build our collections tea by tea, but maker by maker. It's their art and we're the gallery. Their creativity deserves the credit.

Quality Tea

What elevates a tea from the commonplace to the sublime is the intricate understanding of the surrounding environment by the tea maker, and this cannot mass-produced. This nuanced relationship with nature is what imbues our tea with that human element of wonder.

Our makers, some of the world’s most esteemed, reveal a rich palate of flavor profiles including smoky, sweet, fruity and floral notes. All by taking mother nature’s produce and using their judgement on the climate to vary the levels of air, water, sun and fire.

When it comes to producing tea with great complexity, tea with aftertastes and overtones, the consistency of the leaves and the nuances of the origin really do matter. Our collections explore the famous tea-making regions of Taiwan and each region’s signature taste.

Additionally, sourcing directly from family-owned farms is how we ensure that our handpicked, traditionally-crafted teas are authentic, fresh, and handled with care.

All of our teas are SGS tested to ensure that there are no traces of pesticides and our packing factory is ISO certified to ensure a safe and cleanly environment for handling the tea.

To validate the provenance of our teas, we visit the origin to taste the maker’s teas from his current and previous flushes, and to bond with the maker. Trust, respect and loyalty are extremely personal things, and they’re important when it comes to sourcing tea.

Why Taiwan

Breathtakingly beautiful and divinely balanced for making tea, the central mountain range of Taiwan sits upon the tropic of, cancer adjacent to the deep ocean bedrock of the pacific.

Our Commitments

Using a ‘no corners cut’ approach, we sourced these teas through countless trips to the mountains and attending local tea competitions, building one relationship at a time, face to face.

It’s a shame to see tea that has been made to matter be distanced from its origin and divorced from its maker. Doing direct trade gives us the opportunity to restore authenticity and reinstate the human connection.

All purveyors of a quality product face an expectation to go above and beyond the physical product itself. Artisan tea is special since each and every tea has a story of terroir and tradition; of cultivar and craftsmanship.

There is an additional layer of taste, of sensation, that can only be accessed with a touch of imagination, and the thing an imagination needs most is good stories.

Prior to selection, all of our teas go through painstakingly deliberate tastings with our trusted team of tea makers-cum-teachers. We couldn’t source and select teas that so quintessentially represents each region without their education and seasoned tasting skills.

But this process is about more than exquisite taste and a respect for heritage. As customers chose us to navigate them through Taiwanese tea on the road to tea connoisseurship, it’s absolutely vital to us that what they see is what they get.

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